Soul Yoga is based on a holistic view of man. The focus is on the empowerment of the client. There is no magic recipe, because we are all unique. For the individual lesson, this means that I incorporate your current life circumstances, challenges and needs into the design of your individual practice. You will find a clarity and connection with your strengths and inner resources. It's about the very personal experience. Yoga is an inner state, a lived experience. 


It's the way back to basics

Satisfaction and quality of life

Resilience and inner strength for the challenges of life

a loving relationship with yourself and your body

Joy and energy in shaping your own life




Soul Yoga is a flowing, mindful practice, carried by the breath and oriented to the needs and challenges of everyday life. The lessons incorporate the knowledge of anatomy, yoga therapy , qigong, somatic movements, modifications for specific physical limitations and levels, and conscious breathing . The conscious breath plays a crucial role in penetrating the deep layers of our being and bringing body, mind and self (soul) into harmony. It is not about achievement or self-optimization, but the broadening of mindfulness and love, so that yoga is felt through lived experience on your own body.

Breathing accompanied by postures and slow movements are a wonderful tool to play with our boundaries and expand or accept them.

 The yoga should always be adapted to the student, not the student to the yoga! For some it means more gentle, calm movements and meditation, for the other strengthening, energizing movements.


I try to give students enough room for their own experiences and insights, in turn encouraging them to meet themselves and stay true to themselves. Instead of constantly repeating old habits that harm us (in the long term), we learn through regular practice to establish new habits to create desired changes.

By learning to be aware of ourselves, our minds and bodies we gain more mindfulness and empathy. Hence we can cultivate loving and healthy relationships, experience inner balance, peace, and well-being. We experience a deep love that carries us, liberates us from (future) fears and gives us back our basic trust in life.



One -On-One

With love and mindfulness acknowledge what is. This is the starting point of a private lesson. In a short preliminary talk we clarify together what is needed. Physical tension, stiffness and inner restlessness can have many causes. Through conscious, healing breathing accompanied by movement, inner blockages can be released and the mind can rest. By relaxing the mind, we gain clarity and access to our inner resources. Meditation can be used in addition to rest in oneself and to stabilize the mind.


Common topics: support for psychosomatic symptoms and burn - out, stress reduction, healthy sleep, inner  balance, healing respiration, inner well - being and attachment to himself and his body, relaxation, positive treatment of emotions and restless mind, mobilization and strengthening of the body, relief of back & shoulder / neck pain, building exercises in Skolios, core stability.


My desire is that you are able to develop a confidence that allows you to follow your own intuition and body awareness in order to be connected to your own body and inner resources and above all to yourself and ultimately to be free and independent.



Skype sessions are also possible. Contact me for a free preliminary talk.


Alexa Posth

zert. 200 STD+ Yogalehrerin, 300STD+ Fort- und Weiterbildung, Life Energy Worker, Reiki, Schülerin des Pantharei Approach

Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Stress & Energie Management, (Somatisches) Coaching 

10437 Berlin

Tel.: 0174-29 26 266



Hinweis: Die Kurse ersetzen nicht die Behandlung durch einen Arzt, Heilpraktiker oder Therapeut! Sie sind eine wertvolle Ergänzung und Unterstützung auch während einer laufenden Behandlung. Laufende ärztliche Behandlungen und  Anweisungen sollten weitergeführt werden bzw. künftige nicht hinausgeschoben oder unterlassen werden. Die Teilnahme an diesen Kursen folgt auf eigene Verantwortung.