The Energy Balance Session is a gift of deep relaxation, silence and stimulation for our autonomic nervous system. I believe that every person is unique and already carries the knowledge he needs for his happiness and well-being. Through gentle touch, I create a safe space in which the body and mind have confidence to let go and relax in the moment. Deep relaxation is a prerequisite for the free flow of our life energy and access to that inner knowledge. The life energy works where every individual needs it. Clients often describe after a session that they experience a deep inner peace and grounding and feel completely at home. What we have previously experienced as 'problems' dissipates and things fall into place.


The session takes place in comfortable clothes lying down. In a short preliminary talk we find out together what this session is about. The basis is a value-free and loving interaction. Then it is easy for the client to close their eyes and relax. It is a very gentle form of energy treatment because nothing is forced.

 Life energy (Prana, Qi) is the power that keeps everything alive. It is not directly visible to most of us, and often becomes noticeable only in their absence or blockage of free flow, when we feel exhausted, impotent, and joyless.


Alexa Posth

zert. 200 STD+ Yogalehrerin, 300STD+ Fort- und Weiterbildung, Life Energy Worker, Reiki, Schülerin des Pantharei Approach

Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Stress & Energie Management, (Somatisches) Coaching 

10437 Berlin

Tel.: 0174-29 26 266



Hinweis: Die Kurse ersetzen nicht die Behandlung durch einen Arzt, Heilpraktiker oder Therapeut! Sie sind eine wertvolle Ergänzung und Unterstützung auch während einer laufenden Behandlung. Laufende ärztliche Behandlungen und  Anweisungen sollten weitergeführt werden bzw. künftige nicht hinausgeschoben oder unterlassen werden. Die Teilnahme an diesen Kursen folgt auf eigene Verantwortung.