You wish more room for your needs and desires, but you always take back to meet the needs of others? Changes and transitions in life scare you and you seek support and more ease in these times? You are in a phase where you feel depressed again and again, feel little drive and look for more ease and inspiration for you? You wish to be more in touch with you and your body again?

Then the breathing work is for you.


The conscious breath plays a key role in our emotional and mental state. There is no body function that is more sensitive, immediate, and varied in how it responds to physical, mental, emotional, and mental changes. The old yogis took advantage of this connection and developed many different breathing techniques. In addition to the classic pranayama, I use the breathing exercises that I have learned during my 10-year collaboration with Max Strom. They are efficient, simple and powerful.


Free and deep breathing comes from deep relaxation - not from effort!!

A free breath is not only important for optimal functioning of our organs and for the efficiency of our brain, it also supports our overall inner well-being and vitality. Targeted breathing exercises can, for example, counteract mental distraction and lack of concentration and create an inner collection, clarity and focus.

The breathing exercises have proven to work well with our emotions. Unprocessed emotions often find expression in insomnia, depression, anxiety and lack of energy. Grief is one of the most oppressed and at the same time most human emotions. If we do not consciously deal with our emotions, then they find their own way of discharging oneself eg through destructiveness towards ourselves and impatience and anger towards our loved ones and fellow human beings. The inherent nature of our heart are  the qualities of compassion, forgiveness, joy and love. They show up when the dark clouds pass by.

Through breathing exercises we can create clarity. Many people are afraid of being overwhelmed by rising emotions. But the exact opposite is the case. As long as we suppress our emotions, they have us under control and gnaw at us inwardly. When the emotions are released, we feel lighter and with the liberation come insights that help us make clearer decisions. Our life energy is flowing again. When we heal our heart, we not only heal ourselves, but also our relationships. In my work, I use only techniques that solve what can be solved without pressure and coercion. You decide yourself, how far you go.


Even a restless, pondering mind can be brought to rest through specific breathing techniques and bring clarity. An inner silence nurtures and allows us to be receptive to our inner voice and intuition.



Alexa Posth

zert. 200 STD+ Yogalehrerin, 300STD+ Fort- und Weiterbildung, Life Energy Worker, Reiki, Schülerin des Pantharei Approach

Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Stress & Energie Management, (Somatisches) Coaching 

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